Power seats

How about a power passenger seat in an Escape??????????????? When i was told this is not available i was astounded. Does Ford have a better idea?????????
Eric B 12/10/2013
We rented a 2013 Ford Escape in Hawaii and absolutely loved the driving experience however we found the front passenger seat to be uncomfortablel on longer drives.  We would purchase an Escape today if it had at least a 6-way front passenger seat.  The Fusion is offering 10-way adjuatable heated and cooled seats as an option for late 2014 so why not the Escape?
Jane K 08/20/2012
I'm looking for a power passenger seat. It's as important as the driver's seat. When I'm a passenger on a trip I need to change positions to be comfortable. Moving the seat a little takes pressure off back and legs. I test drove the new escape and fell in love with it but now I'm not sure if I can't have a passenger power seat. Will this be an option?
Larry r 06/12/2012
Ford's lack of foresight to put a power passenger seat on the Escape put a damper on my enthusiasm to buy one.