Power seats

I just bought a new 2013 Ford Escape with the Titanium Trim level. I was disappointed that it lacks a power passenger seat. Why is that? I suspect that most of us baby boomers, like myself, enjoy the convenience of power seats. I was pleased that Ford added the driver side memory option to the power seat on this vehicle. Those of us who feel we need or want the power seat feature, most likely do so because there are more than one in the family who routinely drive the car, so the memory feature is a no brainer and should be standard on all vehicles equipped with a power driver seat. Yet, Ford still has a number of models where that isn't available even as an option. While, a memory on the passenger side most likely wouldn't be necessary, why not at least include a power passenger seat feature as an option?
Len 11/21/2012
Yes, yes yes!! I am deciding NOT to purchase the new Fusion Hybrid due to this same issue. The passanger feels like they are sitting in a hole.