Power Seat touch screen controls

I have a great suggestion. With most controls going off the flat screen now even the heat and cool for the front seat why not also have the seat adjustment controls also there. Fluffy people like me can't get our arms between our legs and the door to reach the seat controls. The only way I can adjust my seat is with the door open. Just think of all those seat controls that could be eliminated. Or even if they could be mounted on the councils would be nice.
Lou P 12/06/2012
Interesting. I probably have no subjective opinion for the masses, but I like it (though there is one serious problem that needs to be overcome, read below). As I see it:
-All that you stated
-Good way to show where the seat is situated relative to how it can be changed
-easier to see and feel the controls
-can control kids from playing with the seat controls better
- new paradigm to teach the public and learn
-may not want the passenger to do the same thing since they may want to do so while riding in the car
-Have to find a way to "fit" it into the management flow of synch (which has already gotten a lot of criticism in the press, and I too find it difficult to navigate through the commands)
-some people like me need to move the seat back before I can even get in, so unless you have memory seats (which I think all cars should have) this will make it virtually impossible for me to get in to change the seat setting.
Sheriff N. Norton 12/06/2012
Why not take away all the crap that is not needed in a WORKING truck and get real with yur prices? IF all this is needed, by a car!