Power Hatchback Option For Fiesta

By John D.

Why cant I just press a button for my tailgate to open atoumatically? Almost every new SUV and Mini van has a power tailgate. I just want it to also be on my Fiesta. I also dont see why ford dosnt make this an option available on more of the current models. It would really make a car look awesome. Isn't that the whole purpose of minivan power sliding doors? To look cool?
Danni T 08/30/2012
Agreed! I feel like Ford is has been consistently bad when it comes to trunk/hatch operation. The new Escape has a fancy leg-activated hatch opening so why can't all the other cars? Most all of our Fords have trunk issues, they seem like small things but are quite annoying in everyday life. Our 97 Mustang has the button in the glove box...not practical. 2006 Fusion the button isn't flush with the trim around it and sticks out into knee space. I bump it a couple times a month. This is most annoying when I bump the button while bike rack is on as it's next to impossible to close. 2011 Taurus has the button on the right side of the center console a) too far from the driver b) where it's easily bumped and c) where my dog often stands on it. Additionally, the Taurus trunk doesn't "pop" at all, it barely moves when the button is hit...like a trunk with ED. The more I think about this actually, the more it frustrates me.