Im baffled by the fact that car makers still make us car buyers go out and buy adapters for all our electronic devices so we can plug them into the car for charging.

I just bought a 2013 Ford Explorer sport and I commented to the salesperson when I saw the same old cigarette lighter type jack in the vehicle for charging electronics. He pointed out that if I bought the high end model that I would get a 3 prong plug, other wise they were not available.

In 2013,why are 3 prong plugs not available on all vehicles, regardless of price. I spent $45,000 and still didn't get one because I didn't get the most expensive package. It's a small change that couldnt possibly be much more/ if any more than the current jacks and I know all car owners would appreciate the addition.

You are trying to put all this modern technology into your MyFordTouch system and yet the adapters are still something that's been used for decades. It's the little things that people notice and make them happy...especially when they have to spend a lot of money on something they will have for years to come.