Please add bench seat option to Taurus & Edge

Hello Ford, I love my Mustang for my personal car, but when I trade in the minivan I want to buy a versatile sedan or SUV.

My idea is to return bench seat options to the Taurus & Edge. Both are wide enough to allow it. Both are beautiful cars and I personally think the 2010 Taurus is the best car you've ever made.... EXCEPT for the lack of a front bench seat.

Realize a lot of families stepping down from a minivan will love a versatile feature like a well designed front bench seat. It could be a flip forward with storage space/ cupholder/ armrest design. My dad's 2006 Taurus has one and I think it's just perfect.

Ford, PLEASE make it an option again!
Johann S 01/26/2013
Yes, a front bench seat AND a wagon would be AWESOME... It would feel AMERICAN. Having a large sunroof (like the FlexPana-Roof) and maybe even a SHO version would be the cherry on top!
Chris K 10/08/2010
Maybe even putting a bench seat in the Flex would be a great idea. Offering a bench seat in the Fusion along with a wagon version would be awesome too.