Play/Pause, Next, Previous controls on the Right Cluster

It is just a simple idea, but would be extremely convenient if added...
When you are playing music over bluetooth/a USB cable, a play/pause, next, and previous button appear on the main screen. Why can't we have the same features from the steering wheel controls for the right cluster? The seek toggle switch works as the previous/next button but only while using a USB cable. In the next update, Ford should add the ability to advance songs using the seek toggle while on a bluetooth stream. Also, the "ok" button on the steering controls could be used to pause and play the music while you are using the bluetooth stream or a usb cable. Once these are added, drivers won't have to reach over to the center of the car to play and pause their music. Personally, I like to leave the map open on the main screen. So it is annoying having to switch to entertainment, change songs, and go back to the navigation screen when it could be done right from the steering wheel.
Akil W 03/08/2013
This is a no brainer! I listen to podcasts with my wife and (like using our Tivo) pause often to discuss a comment we heard. The voice command is too slow for that task and the OK button is much more intuitive and keeps the driver's attention on the road.