Pickup Tailgate

By Jack M.

I think it would be great to see a tailgate that could disappear underneath
the bed of the truck.  Kind of like the old station wagon magic tailgate.
When you put items such as bags of concrete in the bed of your  truck
you have to over extend your body to pick up the bags. If you had a 
tailgate that would lower like normal of slide in a track under the bed 
it would be so much easier to get things out. You could have a hollow
area between the spare tire and bed the taligate could slide into.  It 
could fold down like normal, ( I use mine as a work bench most of the
time) or slide under the bed. I myself have owned Ford pickups for 
40 years. My first truck  I received from my Grandfather, a 1965 F100.
Thanks for listening.