Phone app for remote car starting

By Tim H.

I have a friend with a Chev Tahoe. He has a phone app that allows through on star to start his vehicle remotely. I am limited with my factory installed remote starter on my 2011 Explorer t around 50 or 6 feet. Is there something planned?
Mike H 03/25/2013
You cannot compare Ford to GM when it comes to telematics systems. GM has been at this for a long time and it is going to take Ford awhile to catch up to the features GM offers. This is unfortunate, but even if I cannot start my Ford with my phone, at least i know it WILL start. There is a reason GM needed On Star in their vehicles for so many years, so you had a means to call a tow truck in the middle of no where! :)
Marty B 02/05/2013
Why would two people vote this down, it is a great idea and other companies have the feature already!