Passenger Areas

I wish that more attention would be spent on the front passenger area (especially pickups). While I do occasionally carry passengers in the back seat (I put the front seat up to give them room)...I use the front passenger area all the time. The only suggestion I have for that back seat is maybe make it recline or a fold-down bed to use when hunting or traveling. It would still probably be too small though. The front driver seat is fine. I am a big guy with long legs. My area for big improvement (I'm loving the new Atlas by the way) is the front passenger space. Why can't the front seat go all the way back to the back seat and even recline like a laz-i-boy? It would need a new track system designed. That space is my office, living room, dining room, nap space, etc. I fix tools, work on a laptop, take off wet muddy gear, put on boots (often while wearing heavy jackets), take naps while on the road or waiting for something to happen, etc. That front passenger spot is the most used area (when I'm not driving or hauling) and I often feel shoehorned in. Make the consoles a little narrower (don't lose the whole width as it is my desk as well) and that seat a little wider. Give me lots more leg room around the console so I don't bang my legs when I'm using the console as my desk (bench seats seem to have gone away on the higher priced luxery versions. I like the bench seat versions..but can't seem to get that with leather and built in air cooled seats and the other luxery items I like). Let me stretch out and recline like in a laz-i-boy with great leg/back/lumbar support to take my cat nap. Make the leg room around the dash so generous that I can lift up my legs to pull on my boots without getting wedged in with the dash. Let me throw my playmate in there with me instead of reaching around to the back seat. Give me good task (reading) lights and creature comforts like extra in-seat heating & air conditioning and massage in that seat only. Provide an air conditioner and heater blower/dryer vent to warm cold hands/dry gloves that I can use without running the engine. Even cars would be nicer for me if that seat could just track all the way back when you don't have back seat passengers. Trucks are used for driving to the site (drivers seat) and then lived in on that passenger side. On long trips the driver has a driving responsibility but for the front passenger it should be all about confort, rest and relaxation with lots of space. All too often that back seat is empty and I feel cramped in the front...even in a large F-150. Fix that in your Atlas...the rest looks incredible.