Parking reminder

It is sometime difficult to find where you have parked your car especially when you are visiting a new area. A simple app which automatically adds the location of where you have parked your car to your phone maps (eg Google maps) so that it easier to find your car afterwards. Or it could simply be a direction indicator of which direaction the car is from the user (both vertically and horizontally)- especially useful for finding a car in a multi storey car park.
Could use the phones GPS to add the location to a phone app or could be integrated in the future into a car's built in GPS. Must be careful that this information is encoded as it would be easy to thieves to realise that a car has been parked and is unattended.
Shiela K 02/15/2013
that would raise the price on the vehicle when you could just push a button on your key fob and listen for the honk.