Parking damage protection

I have owned my 2013 Escape for about two months--what a great car and perfect for us with our small garage. Like most cars of recent years, it has no front or rear bumpers like those I remember from years ago. This makes for a very attractive and streamlined appearance, but the front and rear body parts are very easily scratched or damaged from the slightest contact with another vehicle or fixed object.

My suggestion is to insert black rubber bumpers in the black grille area that protrude maybe one half inch further that the painted parts of the front end. These would not have to be large and conspicuous, just large enough to protect the more expensive and vulnerable painted parts. If these bumpers are damaged, they could be easily and cheaply replaced, or just touched up with fine sandpaper. Something similar could be designed for the rear of the vehicle.
Justin H 01/24/2014
I like this idea. Something that if it is touched, you can just replace a rubber panel, and you wouldn't even know it's there looking at it.