Parallel parking assisance

One of the features of Ford Escape advertised a while ago was "Active Parking Assist". It'll be a while before humans start trusting such an automation with complex maneuvers like parallel parking, but a good step towards it will be a suggestive system.

The driver is still in control, but sensors, and perhaps a side-pointing camera, output parallel parking data onto the central console. This information can include:
- Images from side and rear cameras
- Distance between your car and the car on the side
- Distances between your car and the car in front of you and behind you (most important out of the two)
- Distance from the curb (this may be a bit tricky one but not impossible)
- Suggestions such as "Now: turn the wheel right/left" and "Straighten the wheel"

Essentially all that the Escape's "Parking Assist" does but let the driver be in control.
Andy W 02/22/2013
I have the active park assist in a 2012 Ford Explorer. It works great and is far more effective that spoken suggestions. You control the gas and the brake the entire time so you are fully in control and if you touch the steering wheel at all, it disengages the system immediately and you have full control over the system.
Go try it out yourself.