Open storage - center console

By S J.

I have a suggestion for the interior design of the Ford F-150 truck. Every other major competitor has a very useful open, easily accessible storage space in the console between driver and passenger seat (see the new Chevy/Gmc Silverado/Sierra and the new Ram 1500). The F-150 only has room for the shift-lever and adjacent cupholder(s). Would love to see a more useful open space like the competitors or like what's in the F-250.  I am a first time truck buyer who is actively looking for a new truck. This one missing feature alone is leaning me towards the competitors - even though I like the F-150.  At the end of the day, how useful the interior is, is as important as rest of the truck.  I suggest moving the shift lever to the steering column and open up that area for open-storgae. I had hoped that the 2015 F-150 would have redesigned this space for greater utilization.