Open Moon Roof warning

So...the other day I left the moon roof open in my 2000 Explorer. My girlfriend found it after 3 days of rain and I was mortified. What if I had done that in our brandy new 2012 Ex?? She thought that it would be easy enough to put a warning on it if it were left open and the key removed. I have to agree. Even though I really try not to be so forgetful...well no one is perfect. And with the cost of these vehicles these days and all the on-board electronics, a little bit of extra moisture in there can't be good....
Michael S 02/27/2013
I think the warning should be applied to all windows.. i left my car parked at a theatre with the back right window (blindspot) fully rolled down. I came back, thankfully nobody took anything (Toronto the good again?) but it would have been nice to see or hear a chime upon leaving the vehicle that all windows were fully up.
David M 10/01/2012
I agree completely. I got my new 2012 Focus Ti last June. A few later I parked it in a shopping mall and left the sunroof wide open with my iPad and Canon 60D in the back seat - perfect for a 'reach and grab'. It was dumb and dumber. I was lucky this time, But right then I found myself wishing that either the sunroof had a warning alarm or that it auto closed within a fixed time after the ignition was turned off.