One-Touch Power Windows, Down AND Up, for ALL WIndows

I have owned many Fords and none of them have had a one-touch, auto UP for any of the power windows. Most of them have had a one-touch auto Down, but ony for the driver's window. Why not make ALL power windows have one-touch Down AND Up functionality - at least from the driver's seat? Perhaps there could be a position on the WIndow Lock switch that could enable/disbale this as well. My wife has a VW that has one-touch Down AND Up for all 4 windows from the driver's seat and we both love that feature.
Andy W 02/22/2013
Ford has this on many cars already. My Focus ST has all 4 windows and the moonroof with 1 touch open and 1 touch close. I LOVE it!!!! 5 clicks on the buttons as I'm pulling in to my parking spot and everything is all closed up by the time I shut it down.
Nate 12/10/2010
You can't make the window stop detection with small enough force to prevent a child's neck / throat from becoming crushed to the point of them dying. The problem is that the amount of force to sense during all temperatures and when things are worn out is such that it varies too much.....the thing would be really annoying and so sensitive it would not be something you would want. So, to make it useful, the threshold would have to be high enough that if a kid's neck got in there the damage to the kid would be beyond the point of no return and they would likely die. Crushing a trachea will kill you. It is for this reason sunroofs even have double button safety systems and stop at least once while closing.
Donald 10/29/2010
On my 2008 Mustang, the windows would roll all the way up or all the way down by pressing or pulling once from the window control per window. It's very convenient. There is no feature on the fob, but it certainly would be nice.
Rick 10/21/2010
the Camry has it , Fusion should Too.
Dave 10/16/2010
I have a 2004 Jag (which is a Ford). On the key fob, I can press-hold the unlock and it will open all windows - including the sunroof. I can press-hold the lock and it will then close them all. Great feature for letting the heat out as you approach on a hot summer day.
Lee S 08/05/2010
I like this idea, however there is a safety concern with the auto-up feature. Auto-up should include a safety reverse to prevent a young passenger from having their arm or hand caught in a closing window.
Stephen B 07/31/2010
and like Nissan, allow the windows to be opperated from the key fob
James Roncallo 07/12/2010
I see that One touch power windows and raise you A power covt roof and all the windows at once ofcourse this would have to be accomadated with power top screws and auto start to pump up all that juice something I may install into my 1969 Marquis convert.Less the power top screws.
Jack Kiely 07/01/2010
Ford has come a long way and the fact that we are talking about one touch windows is funny in a way. The one touch window is a great idea, the problem with it in the back is kids and their safety with heads out the window etc. I know they have a pressure sensor but there is still a slight risk.
TheThing 06/26/2010
I have an European Ford Focus Titanium and i have the option on every window, so its up to Ford to put on every Ford.
Justin Higgins 05/09/2010
This is great! An ALL windows/Roof close feature. I have an Edge with the Vista roof and it would make things much easier. ALSO, I constantly use my phone via SYNC, when a call comes in it would be great if you could close everything up instantly so you can talk.
John 04/27/2010
I think this could be a good voice command to the Ford Sync System to say all or driver side windows up or down!
Peter 04/26/2010
I agree especially on the drivers window and especially with a standard transmission. With a standard it becomes a juggling act to close a window, hold the wheel and shift at the same time. Auto power up would be great.
Simon H 04/26/2010
My 1998 BMW 323 has this feature. It becomes a pain when you then drive a car without it.
Gary M 04/23/2010
The Lincoln Auto Up does have the pinch protection, but what if it is not a childs head but a carjacker's arm.
I would like to se it if you release the Auto Up it reverses, but if you hold the Auto Up, it either continues or stops where it is
ralph 04/23/2010
I also think it is important to have one-touch operation on the moonroof, convertible top, or power-fold seats in addition to all four windows.
Lukeyson 04/19/2010
European Fords have this feature already. The function can even be accessed by the Remote Keyfob so that all windows can be raised or lowered while out of the vehicle.

Imagine playing with the kids in the park on a hot day and you left the windows slightly ajar to let the heat out - and it starts to rain hard. While you're dry at the picnic shelter, you can just hit the keyfob and booshka, all the windows are up.

Hopefully One Ford will fix this.

Grandpa Gene 04/19/2010
Most, if not all, "Auto-up" power window systems have built-in "pinch protection" for this very reason.
If the window motor senses an inordinate amount of current during operation, it shuts the motor off.

So, it's a good idea, and certainly feasible.
LexusAllen 04/18/2010
My 99 Lexus GS has 4 windows with auto up/down as well as outside remote functioning. One of my fav features in the warmer months with car in the parking lot. Of course all windows have pinch protection as well. My other Lexus only has it on drivers window only and it does really make a difference. By now I'm sure this could be a low cost option.
Craig V 04/18/2010
I agree. The Toyota Camry that I have driven in had this feature. Ford should have this feature in its competing vehicles, also.
Griffith 04/17/2010
All windows. Way, way, way to much concern over safety. You have the lock out feature for the rear windows to keep kids safe.
Nate 04/17/2010
This! Do it! When I reach my destination, I hate pushing the sunroof , driver's side, and passenger side window close buttons. Let me push one button and close everything up.
D Casselman 04/16/2010
Strongly agree with Greg. Children in the car is a big......better be careful factor. This functionality would require a safety feature similar to the button closer for the coming in contact with something would reverse the action.
greg 04/16/2010
what happens if you accidently hit the all up button and a passenger, such as a child, has their arm out the window? I think its a great idea but someone needs to look at it from a legal standpoint.
Juan 04/16/2010
I agree, and currently it is only in the Lincolns, but Toyota has it in their vehicles so why does Ford only put it on their luxury brand. I would also like for them take off the "auto" on the buttons themselves, it just bothers me. I'd rather just have little lights to see where the buttons are in the dark.
Dustin 04/15/2010
Or on the SUV's at least both FRONT windows.. just like my 2003 Nissan Pathfinder LE, which I love that feature.
peter bowler 04/14/2010
VW Passat or Jetta are the model for this. The point is at places like parking garages or toll booths where money needs to change hands. It is also useful when driving alone for passenger seat window adjustments. This functionality is very convenient in anumber of ways and should not add significant cost to buy off the shelf switches.
Mike 04/13/2010
I think it would probably turn out to be cheaper to use it in all cars because of the need for only one production line, and one supply line. Increased volume also results in lower cost per unit (buy in bulk!).
Jason E 04/13/2010

I think these are the kinds of things, when left out, keep people from truly loving their carmaker.

The average person is intelligent enough to realize/say: "How hard could this REALLY be to make standard?"
Ken 04/13/2010
Better yet, a all windows up/down button on the key fob. Ability to open a hot car before getting in and ability to lock it up when you leave.
Guy 04/13/2010
This is a no-brainer. The required technology/knowledge has been there for years. In addition there are vehicles which will open all windows via the keyfob so the car can cool off a bit as you're walking up.
BWS 04/13/2010
Completely agree. Family member has an Altima with Auto Up/down and it is the nicest feature.
Andrew 04/13/2010
I like one touch up for all windows, but I never liked the auto down. It was always too sensitive and would kick in when I just wanted the window open a crack. Personally, I don't see a reason to have an auto down on EVERY window.
Doug Mohr 04/13/2010
Absolutely. I previously had a car that had one touch up/down for all windows and would like to see it on every Ford