On-board dog kennel for travel

I would like to pop the back seat down in my Focus and find a kennel that could then slide out from the trunk into the back seat for travel. My dog is almost 17 years old and he likes to sleep a lot when we are on the road. This convenience of having an attached kennel would allow me to keep the dog hair in one spot instead of wherever he decides to lay. When the back seat is up, the kennel would be in the trunk and no one would know a dog ever slept in my car. The dog/cat business is a billion dollar a year industry and we pet lovers travel with our animals all the time.
Michael L 02/18/2013
I agree I posted the sugestion earlier - this is what i posted. "In the cargo area of a SUV , Van, Station Wagon have a pop up pet carrier or easily deployed carrier for safe transportation of you pet."