old body on new car

ive recently thought of an idea to help the ford motor company. My idea is that you should put the 1967 Shelby gt 500 body on a new car with original wheels from the 1967 model but, the new 662 hp motor and 6 speed transmission.

thank you for your time
William L 05/14/2013
I've toyed with a similar idea in the past. I can't claim credit for it being original with me, I'm sure others have thought of it: essentially, a modular car. Body and chassis are separate components, with several body styles available to be fitted to a generic chassis. Let's say, for example, you've had a station wagon for a few years, but now all the kids have gone off to college and you want something sportier. From the dealer you purchase a sporty 2-door sedan body that fits on the existing chassis: unbolt the old body, drop on and bolt up the new body. The old body, which is presumable made mostly of composites, would be recycled, or traded in to the dealer, or sold outright by the owner, to offset the cost of the new one (or simply stored for a time when one of the kids has need of a wagon body). This is almost done already in the "Kit Car" industry, where a single used car is used as a source of parts needed to complete the kit.