no more speed tickets

i'd love to have an option on my car that locks the car's top speed to the road's maximum speed limit that can be obtained from the gps even if the car doesnt have "sat-nav". yet i still have the ability to turn it off and drive the car with any speed i want. it might be weird to have my car slowed down to 35mph on school zone, but that would protect me and other pedestrians from high speed if i didnt pay attention to school zone sign. Or i was talking on the phone and didnt notice that i was driving 85 on highway instead of 75 maximum speed limit. cruise control helped a lot but this idea will cut speed tickets to zero if i keep it on all the time
steve c 12/14/2012
If you need a warning light to tell you your above the speed limit that means you are a distracted driver and not aware of your surroundings and I strongly recommend you either start paying attention or get off the roads.
steve c 12/14/2012
I suppose you would want Ford to represent you at court hearing and say the vehicle droe too fast I didnt.... Personal responsibility...Why complicate the designers jobs anymore by catering to your negligence and distracted driving. Use the Hands Free or Dont talk on the phone while driving. If there is a low speed limit it is usually a residential, school or business high volume and possible pedestrian traffic. Even more reason to pay more attention. Big Thumbs down to your suggestion....Recommendtaion,...Drive safely, stop having everyone else enable your unsafe habits or turn in your license and take the bus.
Ford used to have an optional warning buzzer that would go off when you exceeded a pre-set speed. I think it was back in the mid-to-late '70's. THAT would be a good option. A BAD idea would be an "adjustable" governor. What if for some inexplicable reason you had to suddenly exceed the preset speed?
David G 10/06/2012
If you payed attention more and were a more responsible driver, such as not talking on the phone while driving"...and didnt notice that i was driving 85 on highway instead of 75..." you wouldn't get any tickets.

I don't have any of these features, as I drive a 10yr old vehicle (which I love). I haven't gotten any speeding tickets! I put my phone on silent and leave it upside down so I can't see if anyone calls me. If I NEED to make an important phone call, I PULL OVER.

Be a more responsible driver and don't rely on your vehicle to tell you what to do.
Marty W 10/02/2012
Did you ever hear of "personal responsibility?" Do you want to blame something else for your irresponsibility because you are so inattentive? Is it that you need to be told by a device to get off the cell phone or just take a moment to stop texting?

"Cowboy up" and try to pay attention to driving. Forget about trying to be the Type A person you think you are and just DRIVE the vehicle...heaven forbid you should become a certificated pilot and want to try this idiot things you suggest in a flying environment.
Mike M 09/21/2012
This is a great idea. But maybe not so intrusive, like a light or sound to indicate you are overspeed. Of course you would have to be able to turn it off.

As for the comment about speed changes, maybe an option like in the Waze app where people can make changes.
Matt L 09/19/2012
I also think that it's important to note that this would encourage people to pay less attention to driving. You mention talking on your cell phone and not realizing you're going 85 - that's a safety issue due to driver inattention. I would argue that this change would end up creating more problems than it solves.
Matt L 09/19/2012
But then what happens if the speed limit changes in a certain area, or you enter a construction zone with a reduced speed limit? What about new roads? Would you blame Ford for not having accurate/up to date information? I bet a lot of people would. I'm sure it would cost a decent amount of money to have the infrastructure in place to support frequent or live updates to changing speed limits.