NFC Lock

By Ryan F.

If you have a phone that supports NFC then you can use a NFC tag embedded in the car to unlock, check stats of car i.e. fluids air pressure, register personal settings
Marty W 10/02/2012
Of course it's an excellent idea. Why do I say that (?), because of the difference between NFC and industry (the electronic security industry) is leaning to NFC because of range and security features.

I personally don't think these cars without keys make any sense, why not stay with the key with the traditional pushbuttons for "open/close." Both surprisingly are cheap, but of course everyone needs to make a fortune if either are lost.

NFC will eventually take over, and consider software changes as they appear and using the NFC format will be so much easier to use for those updates, and certainly faster without the guesswork it takes with Bluetooth.

Watch to see the transition from Bluetooth to NFC.
Thomas S 09/13/2012
I do not think NFC would be a good idea for car locks from a security point of view. I heard a big part of its security comes from it having to be used at close range, which doesn't help when your car is unattended.