New Ranchero

By Gene B.

I would like to see a new Ranchero built that looks like the Tarus in front and a new pickup bed design. That would be one good looking Ranchero.
ROGER M 03/21/2014
Use the Flex platform! Great lines, straight body, classic design! Awd, heavy enough chassis, can tow also.
Devon S 11/03/2012
Kind of like the Ford Falcon over in Australia
William M 11/02/2012
The Ford Fairlane Ranchero was a great looking vehicle, you could update its design and bring it back. 1969 is the best year.
William M 11/02/2012
I've been hoping for a new Ranchero. The new Taurus would be a great fit. I had a 1967 Ranchero, purchased from a junk yard and I rebuilt it from the ground up, only to have it totaled within the first year. It turned out to be a beautiful vehicle. I still miss it today.
Cade P 10/27/2012
i always thought rancheros were extremely slick looking so yes come on for lets build one i'll even help