New Lincoln Flagship - Bring Back the Continental

Bring back the Continental. Based on Australian Falcon platform. Rear-drive, independent rear suspension. Suicide (excuse me...rear-hinged) rear doors, styling similar to the 2002 concept car. Use 5.0 V8 out of new Mustang as engine. Optional rear buckets with footrests, recliners (similar to Maybach or Hyundai Equus). No alpha-numeric mumbo-jumbo name. Call it the Continental...PROUDLY. Class-leading NVH, cabin tech. Fully the peer of Mercedes S-Class or Lexus LS.
Dan Lunn 05/16/2011
The Continental name used to be the "ultra" vehicle for the Ford Motor Company. It was its own division for a while. If Lincoln wanted to make a splash in the market it might consider doing a super-low-volume Bentley or Rolls Royce-caliber Continental just to get buzz going.
Edward S 05/13/2010
David, with all due respect, I fail to see your logic in having two models based off the same platform. You might as well just change the name on the MKS to Continental. I believe a Lincoln flagship needs to be rear-wheel-drive and V8-powered. Whether it's the Falcon platform or an all-new RWD architecture, if Lincoln is serious about competing in the same league as the Mercedes S-Class, BMW 7, Lexus LS and even the Hyundai Equus, it needs to be RWD. It may seem esoteric to many, but in that class, details such as that matter.
david 04/25/2010
I think the MKS platform started life as the Volvo S80. The Falcon platform is getting old and can not compete with vehicle in the class that the Continental should be with.
Edward S 04/20/2010
David, the MKS platform would not work because it's essentially a front-drive chassis. I think the Continental, if it makes a comeback, needs to be a proper rear-drive car. And if you're thinking of the '60s Falcon, the current Aussie Falcon is a completely different car. As far as I know, it's one of Ford's few remaining RWD passenger-car platforms worldwide, aside from the Mustang.
david 04/17/2010
I agree the Continental and a Mark IX “I think that’s what is next” is needed but the Falcon platform might not be a good fit. The current MKS platform might work.