New Key Fob+ Remote Start

Can we please make a new key fob for the mustang? i have a 2003 Mustang GT and it has the same key fob as the newer mustangs. Make it more streamlined with all the features on it, lock/unlock, trunk pop,panic. it would be great to add 2 way functionality to the unit, especially when it comes to remote start. 2 key fobs for one vehicle? with all the technological advancement coming from my ford touch and the new track apps, it would seem that ford could at least get an iphone/android app. i would definitely pay for that to get rid of the ugly key fob. even a streamline look like the camaro key, with the key combined in the fob, that'd be superb. that way when i buy my brand new mustang, i won't have to swap it out for a viper alarm system. Thank you for your time.