NEW FOR 2012!!!!!!!
just waiting to hear it. i know it would be AWESOME!
just got my wife on board and now I need one. a brand new 1 would be great but if i have to get an older 1 then fine. just bring it back, PLEASE!!
Jessica S 06/22/2012
I would love a new excursion. We have a 2001 with a 7.3 power stroke, I couldn't imagine driving anything smaller to haul my family of 7 around. I wish it got better gas mileage but it is really reliable, got to love the diesel.
Kevin B 05/02/2012
Three doors sounds hideous. I hate to shoot you down there, but no, just, no.
Juston P 04/03/2012
The 6.7 Diesel is not a gas guzzler... My friend has one, lifted with 37in Tires, Crew Cab, 4x4, and it gets mid 20's on the highway and 17 in the city... A stock new Excursion with this engine would be able to pull even better numbers... Plus carry more people, If you ask me Excursion should come back but this time with a 3rd set of doors and about 12in increase in wheel base, with 2 jump seats in the back back area...
Benmiketommy S 03/30/2012
make your truck electric
Matt M 03/29/2012
I agree with a new an improved 7.3 Powerstroke! I know people got at least 20 mpg on these and that is good bargain. Power, Fuel efficient, and sexy. Bring on a new 2012 Excursion! =D
Anthony A 03/28/2012
Not another gas guzzler please.