New civilian/police used sedan

By Alex M.

I think Ford should make another sedan similar to the Crown Victoria that civilians and police departments can buy. I think this new vehicle should have an Ecoboost V6 or V8 of some sort. I think this vehicle should have higher ground clearance because a sedan with higher ground clearance like the Crown Vic would be better for getting over things such as curbs, but should be equipped with cylinder deactivation and air dams for very good highway efficiency. I also think this new sedan should be rear wheel drive or all wheel drive, depending on where the vehicle may be purchased. Everyone please take this into consideration because another sedan like the Crown Vic would be a very nice vehicle for the general public and police departments.
Denise P 02/01/2014
I agree. I moved to a Taurus once I could no longer purchase a new Crown Victoria. I miss my 6 passenger sedan. I like having seating for 6 and a large trunk. I do not want to drive and suv type vehicle.
jonathan M 01/28/2014
they have done this it is the Taurus SHO and it is quite the beast