New Car Model

By Dale S.

Re-make 1949 Mercury Coupe model cars at mass production scale with modern engines and emissions. Just like bringing back the 2005+ Mustang models replicating the 60's. Rebuild the 1948-9 coupe Mercury!!!

Thank you,
Dale S 04/23/2013
The 1948 Mercury Coupe and the 1949 Mercury Coupe with fender skirts would sell like the new 2005(+) model Mustangs. Definitely compete and out sell the Chrysler PT Cruisers!!
V-8 with dual exhaust. Oh yes!
phil m 04/19/2013
As I've said several times before on this site, big mistake totally dropping the Mercury marque! The bean counters aren't always "socially" right (Macnamara), and the visionaries aren't always "business sense" wrong (Ioccoca). As I've said before, just limit the Mercury marque to cars, not vans, suv's or trucks. And limit the cars -- perhaps just the Taurus and Fusion, and make the Mercury the top "Ford" model, for manuifacturing and registration purposes (to keep the bean counters quiet). Really, with all the money spent on other frills, how expensive would it be to re-badge, re-grill, re-hubcap, and add an extra layer of insulation to a Taurus or Fusion??? It's also called a boost for "economies of scale" (for the economists out there). Another visionary, Edsel Ford, would've approved!