If you want to hit the market hard.Take the Popular F-150 front half and make a Full size Bronco 4 doors or 2 doors F-150 back End .All of them 4 wheel drive only.The Excursion is gone Too Big...Expedition doesnt tow well at all and This 1996 Bronco era would make you Top . It would work soo well Chevy would have to bring back the Blazer from there Line up.I gaurantee success.All my friends are buying on Ebay the 1994 to 1996 broncos.They sell like mad if in good condition.
Maureen B 09/01/2014
There is a market for a re-vamped Bronco.  I previously owned two Explorers and currently a Toyota RAV4 that is lacking in 4 wheel drive and towing ability.  I also can't stand that the SUV styling has merged with the minivan.  I don't necessarily need a pickup truck, but I want something that has those features and that style.  I'm already looking down the road for Ford to bring back the Bronco and bring me back as a consumer.
Mark R 08/06/2014
2 doors and a real tailgate.  4 wheel drive and V8 power.  There's a market crying out for a new Bronco!