New Bronco Needs!

I am super excited to see there might be a 2015 Bronco return. I had just three ideas that would really make this truck stand out. People loved the swivel windows located between the passenger front windows and windshield. I dont understand why they were ever retired. Great retro addition thats not found on anything else. Also, the Bronco II had five storage compartments. Men love places to put things and I believe this would be a great thing to bring back as well. With the addition of large tire sizes the swing away rear spare tire rack would be amazing. Nothing better than being able to showcase your great wheels on the back of your big ride. And much easier than dropping it from underneath.
Melody R 03/18/2014
My husband and I love our Fords. We have five right now. We have had two Broncos during our 26 years together, a full size one in the 80's and a Bronco II, but we love the first versions of the 60's and 70's! The photos of the concept one for 2015 looks great, looks a lot like the older version but updated! Ford bring the Bronco back!!
Joe 01/29/2014
2015 Retro (1970 style) Bronco please. Removable doors a must.
Deb 12/31/2013
Pleasebring back the Bronco II as soon as possible. I have owned many vehicles and wish I had never gotten rid of my Bronco II.
chad f 11/20/2012
So I posted this on gear heads as well in response to an article written there.

The original Bronco that everyone wants was designed to compete against vehicles as the CJ-8. I believe the Bronco that Ford is working on should focus on a shorter wheel base. Keeping the Bronco true to it's original form as it is now competing with the Jeep Wrangler, NOT the Jeep Liberty Patriot or Cherokee!!!!!

The Bronco needs to be Modular, with the ability to put on different bumpers, winches, rock sliders, removable hard top, with the ability to put on a soft top, etc...

The EcoBoost engine should be used for one option, however we must remember that the EcoBoost has cooling issues with little airflow (found in F-150s with front license plates that restrict airflow to the engine compartment), which is what it would encounter with serious off road driving, so a better dual core radiator would have to be used with probably electric fans.

Maybe have a Ranger edition that would use the 2.2L diesel engine (or something similar) used in the Land Rover Defender 90, which has a high amount of torque at low engine RMP. Most of us that off road are really waiting for a quality diesel engine to be put in a trail ready machine. The diesel engine would be a huge selling point as not only is it better for torque at low RPM, but also gets much better gas mileage. Friends of mine in Europe are telling me their Wranglers are getting better than 30 mpg with diesel.

SVT or Expeditionary edition could use the 5.0 engine for the guys that think a bigger engine is better.

Axles should use solid axles, at least a Dana 44 (Dana 60's would be nice, but pushing it) like the early Broncos from 1971, front and rear. With that there should be either electronic lockers or air lockers for the front and rear axles. The gearing should be at least 4.10 gears depending on the size of the tires, however a 4:1 transfer case is a must as this is a pretty standard upgrade on most off road vehicles. The suspension for the new Bronco should use the Fox suspension technology used by the Raptor. Trying to maximize suspension articulation, however should also be simple enough for aftermarket lift kits to be used .

The inside of the the Bronco should be simple and comfortable. One style of interior should be cloth of some type, while the other option should be leather. The automatic shifter and manual shifter can be co-located in the center to reduce complications or higher cost of multiple interior designs, however the living space of the driver and passenger sides need to provide enough space to be comfortable.

Let us not ask for yet another SUV that only runs to the mall but a capable off road vehicle that has the capability of running the trails that only the early Bronco has the capability playing on. With that being said weight needs to be taken into consideration as well. Up to this point, Jeep has been dominating the market and everywhere I look there are Jeep Wranglers driving past me. Please give me the opportunity to trade in my 2012 F-150 XLT Off Road truck for a new Extremely Capable Ford Bronco. Keep the cost of the high end Bronco at $38,000 or less and you will not be able to keep these vehicles in stock as the Bronco takes the off road/daily capable driver by storm. -Chad
Justin L 11/12/2012
Make sure it has solid axles and Diesel power!
Lucas T 11/11/2012
Awesome ideas. Bring back the Bronco though, that's the most important part! Middle class working outdoorsman need this vehicle. We love Ford and we love adventure. A Bronco is what we deserve.