Need more power outlets in the 2013 f150!!!

By Dane B.

I just traded in my 2010 f150 Platinum for a new 2013 f150 fx4.  I absolutely love the new truck as it has every option the Platinum had (minus the power folding steps), but I noticed it lacks an ashtray.  I don't care about the ashtray, but with an ashtray, there was always a cigarette lighter....i.e. additional power point.  This new f150 has one power point in the dash, one inthe very bottom of the bottomless pit center console, and one on the back of the console for rear passengers.  That's a total of three power sources.  In this technological age, that seems very insufficient.  I hope this is something Ford will remedy on future models.  The road trip to Florida with my wife and kids next month is going to be a little more difficult with two dvd players, a radar detector and two cell phones.  Ford dropped the ball on this no-brainer.