Need a 8 foot bed and a Lariat trim

I'm tired of carrying 8' sheets of plywood in my 2002 Lariat where they do NOT fit under the cap and get wet.. So went to order a 2013 model Lariat with a 8 foot bed and guess what I can't Ford doesn't offer it..

What's with this?? I can't have a nice super cab with heated/cooled leather bucket seats, moon roof etc and a 8 foot bed..

I can't see any reason why this isn't offered.. Using the web site when I try to get a Lariat with a 8 foot bed it down grades me to a XL trim line.. You can NOT order anything above a XLT with a 8 foot bed.. You can NOT make a XLT into a Lariat by adding options..

My IDEA is for FORD to think about their customers needs over what works out best for the assembly plant's operations.. This is the computer age how hard can it be to stick a 8 foot box on the Lariat??
Bill C 08/12/2013
I dont know . I have a SuperCab Lariot 8 ft bed, 6.7 4wd. Just cant have a moon roof unless it is a Crew cab. The truck is long though.
Robert M 10/20/2012
I would like to take the idea one step further, and ask what is preventing having any bed choice with any trim choice? I settled on the Lariat trim not because it was my favorite, but because the higher trim choices limited me to cab and bed combinations that I did not want.