Navigation - Make it Easy & Intuitive

We recently switched to 2014 Ford Fusion Energi Titanium, we love it. But feel the navigation can do some improvement wrt to data entry of addresses, poi Lookup.etc.

1. Have setting to view turn by turn directions view on side as default, instead of having to click View each time.

2. Favorites cannot enter a name for the favorites while entering the address, i have go back edit the entry and add a name , why ?.

3. Entering poi can be made more easier and intuitive. The Navigation on honda or acura are good example on optimizing for number of clicks before setting an destination. Fewer clicks the better. I feel the ford navigation has too many clicks and steps that can be easily minimized, first time around it was not very intuitive data entry.

4. Using phone nos based lookup for poi esp. for businesses

5. Make rerouting options like avoid freeways etc. more easily - again more clicks to get to it once a route is entered.

3. Intially i found it a bit cumbersome to enter addresses until I discover the sync voice commands which can take entire street address, its useful.

In my previous vehicle (honda), the navigation rocked. I could easily enter addresses, lookup by phone nos, lookup a poi by name in a city. and could hit go to start routing. 

The competitors especially Hondaor Acura navigation systems  are very clear, precise, rendering is terrific and simple to use.

I wish ford has a software update that simplifies the Navigation experience. Overall love the features.
art h 03/23/2014
You should be able to just say navigate to address,town and state through sync. It should automatically do that.