MyFord Touch & Cooled Seats for Mustangs

With all the upgrades to the Ford vehicle line-up i was surprised not to see the Mustang among the list of those given the option of the MyFord Touch system. Also, seeing the Ford Taurus and Ford Explorer with the option of cooled leather seats, i scratched my head as to why a vehicle with a similar range in price when looking at Premium trim models wouldn't have the option available. I do like that fact that they have the rear view camera option, the Select Shift technology, and the glass roof. But to not follow suit with the 2013 and give the option of the MyFord Touch at the very least like the Econo-Line Escape got... i simply dont understand. The Escape has been viewed as a economy SUV for its affordable price and good gas mileage but due to it being this, they level of luxury in its interior and the options available for this model have never compared to the luxury and options of lets say the Explorer. But when an Escape's available luxury and technology out shines the Mustang, a vehicle designed for showing off, I simply don't understand. Nothing is worse than having black leather interior baking in the sun with no relief what so ever to help cool it before you burn your legs and arms.
Dayna W 02/10/2013
I'm going to see today about having the Ford touch screen system added to my 2012 Mustang. Hopefully I can buy the upgrade.