Mustang PickUp version

By Raul J.

My idea would be to create a Sports PickUp version of the Mustang, by producing a Mustang with all the top area at the back removable.
To increase cargo capacity, this PickUp version would not have rear seats, so its space would be added to the boot space, and the flat bed when used as a Pick Up. All the side windows and metal at the back would be fixed.
The boot lid of the Mustang PickUp would also have to be modified, and would be only the flatter part of an standard mustang boot lid, but extended to include the rear window. The vertical part would be kept in the car to reinforce the chassis.
The boot lid would be a big piece, but would be almost flat piece and therefore easy to store in the garage when not needed. When removing this large flat boot lid, the owner will have his PickUp. Making this large boot lid robust and easily removable at the same time will be a great challenge for Ford Engineers, but I think it can be done.
So the owner would have a muscle car most of the time, but when needed he would be able to remove the hard top, leave it at his garage and he will have a PickUp with all its benefits of great cargo capacity.
Most people in America love PickUps and love Muscle Cars at the same time, but usually they have to choose one of them, and keep missing the other car. A Mustang PickUp would allow these people to have both of them in one single car.
I have seen many PickUp versions of american muscle cars, but they look like PickUps. The idea would be to produce a muscle car, looking like a muscle car, but that can be used as a PickUp when needed.
Michael P 01/21/2013
An interesting idea, but I would personally prefer something more "ute" like.