Mustang - Intelligent Access with Push-Button Start

By Adam J.

The 2011 Fiesta has this standard, but the 2011 Mustang does not. Never having to use your car key is an amazing convenience.
Jason Dick 03/07/2011
This is probably the only thing stopping me from getting a Mustang. I've had "Intelligent Access" for more than 5 years. I could never go back now. If the Fiesta can have it, so can we.
Shaun 11/10/2010
I will wait for the Mustang to have intelligent access before Ill buy one. I love the new 5.0 but once you own a car with a smart key its hard to go without it. Also... The new camaro has paddle shifters. What is Ford waiting for? A few extras on this mustang would go a long way.