Mustang hatchbacks

I am a long time Mustang lover. I learned to drive on my HS boyfriend's '68, 3 spd, 289. White with red int. My first new car was an '86 5 spd, Mustang LX 5.0 white with red int. 151,000 miles at trade in. Followed by another 1993 5 spd , 5.0 white with grey int. 231,971 miles when sold privately in 2006... I now own (ugh) an '06 Dodge Charger , its got the (hemi) power, the rear wheel drive and the cargo space. The Mustangs had that and still have it, EXCEPT the cargo space..... I could actually carry more in the hatchback than with the Dodge trunk. I want the hatchbacks back!!! I could carry my bike inside/ Christmas tree / luggage on vacation / my firefighter gear&bedding and close the hatch easily. I am retired now, but still travel for pleasure and liked the hatchback. Hatchback is sporty, fast, comfortable and could be used as a pick-up with the rear seats down, and hatch open. I hauled alot through the years, gas grills, plants, trees, sod, mower, etc.... I miss the hatchback !! I want to get out of the Dodge!!! Please bring them back! The lack of a hatchback is THE ONLY REASON why I don't drive a 3rd Mustang already. They are too inconvienent with the tiny trunks....So please--BRING BACK THE HATCHBACK MUSTANGS!!!
Angel Perez 03/13/2011
i have a 1988 mustang gt hatchback and I believe that the foxbody mustangs were one of the most popular style of mustangs which would be cool to emulate in future mustangs!
Jeremy Taylor 01/28/2011
The hatchback idea could be possible while still keeping in touch with the beautiful retro look, which I absolutely love by the way, by simply bringing back the Fast Back body style. With the sweep of the back window and rear quarter panels it could easily be adapted for the hatch backs functionality. Add in some fold down back seats and you\\'ve maintained the beauty and maybe even further revived the spririt of that late 60\\'s early 70\\'s erra.