Mustang Hatchback

Love to see a Hatchback offering in the Mustang again, it's been ~20 years. I love the car but it's totally impractical for my lifestyle. I want to be able to fit a bicycle, tools, snowboard, lumber, etc inside. It's got the perfect shape - fastback - already for it so should be a super-easy thing to accomodate. Fold down rear seats and away you go! I know I have talked with others and they share this opinion. So sport but such a waste of space with such a small trunk.

I love the Mustang. The Focus ST just does not have the same pizzaz as a Mustang, particularly for us 40-60 year olds. Focus too Gen X or Y, a 'starter' car.

Thanks! Keep up the good work!
Michael P 01/21/2013
I agree entirely. I love Mustangs, but I will never buy a car with no hatch in the back. It already looks like a hatchback, just do it!