Mustang Convertible Hardtop

I really love my 1998 Mustang Cobra Convertible and my 2007 Mustang GT Premium Convertible, but I really wish they were hardtop convertibles. The Convertible Hardtop Option would offer the looks, security.and performance of a coupe, but still offer the top down driving pleasure of a convertible. Ford had this option on the 1957 Fairlane, so I am quite sure your engineers today could execute this option on the Mustang to modern standards. Ford's partner Mazda has a hardtop convertible option with the Miata, and it is a much smaller platform than the Mustang, so it is certainly feasible to have a Mustang Hardtop Convertible. Other manufacturers such as BMW and GM have also recently offered hardtop convertibles, so it would be great if Ford would take the next step in the evolution of the Mustang and offer a hardtop convertible option. I will be the first one in line to purchase one when you do! If this option is offered however, it needs to be properly executed by preserving the back seat so our kids can continue to ride with us to car shows, and also to save as much trunk space as possible to allow us to carry things necessary for a family outing such as a cooler. I also believe this hardtop option needs to be offered across the entire Mustang line--V-6 through the GT500. This option should increase structural rigidity, as performance is very important, as I also go to the drag strip, so having it weigh no more, and possibly less than a soft top would be key to better times over the softop. For years I drove Corvettes, but as soon as our kids came along, I became a Mustang convert, and with Ford's renewed interest in high performance, I couldn't be happier...that is except for adding a Convertible Hardtop option! Thanks for soliciting the input of your customers, it is greatly appreciated!
nan 07/31/2014
Actually Ford did make a 1995 Cobra Svt Hardtop Convertible. They only made 499 and I own one. It is certified by Ford as being authentic. Look it up, there are a few articles out there, but Ford did not market it correctly.