My idea is simple, instead of replacing Australian Ford Falcon with Taurus just replace it with mustang. I know you people cant understand it but I can reasure you that your taurus will tank badly same as the first one even worst this time. Let me see currently we have one of the best 6 cylinder engines in the world (barra 270 code named 4L Turbo) it produces 270kw at the crank (well I put mine on a dyno and its got 262rwkw so at the crank is like 300+) and it makes 535 Nm of torque, it does sprint to 100kmh anywhere from 4.9sec to 5.2 sec depends on the model. Looks awesome(I would show you how awesome but your site needs some work, it just wont let me upload or change anything??) and for the end its not FWD. Simple we dont like to go backwards which is why its gonna tank.
Jason M 10/16/2013
The new Taurus is actually a very nice car. With that said, I believe the Falcon is a much nicer car. Though, this is simply based on what I've seen on the internet since Ford hasn't brought the Falcon to the states yet, Grrrr!!