motorized rear view mirror

By Se B.

Ok, all the cars today have power outside mirrors...most with defrosters and power fold feature. I was thinking what if you had a switch just like the one for the outside mirror, but instead it controlled the inside rear-view mirror so that you could sit back and really test the view instead of leaning forward and adjusting it without completely knowing what your view will be like when you lean back. also i think people will find it very convenient.Of course, it can be an option when buying the car so you dont have to have something you dont need.....just an idea!
MBrocks 11/30/2012
my car has this. it is a 1995 SL500 Mercedes benz. MB stopped doing it in 1999 because they were breaking a lot when people who borrowed your car tried to manually adjust it. i love the feature and ford's are too cheap to do this.