Mom's Cockpit

I would like to see the new family vehicles to have more pockets or storage space for the driver. Typically this will be Mom and we need many items at our fingertips when you have children around. This can range from candy to snacks to coloring books to crayons to papers for whatever to extra water bottles to pens to napkins to you name it. It would be so nice to have a place for these types of items besides just filling up the passenger seat which then all slides to the floor. The arm rest is usually where our purses go so we can't store in there easily. The side of the shifter console I think would be a great place to have a netting pocket or even a hard pocket like in the bottom of the door. If this is a concern for safety reasons, because of proximity to the brake petal if something was to come out and fall to the floor, then what about overhead, or on the other side of the console? My old Merc. Mystique had a small glove compartment on the left for the driver and our pickup has a pocket under the steering wheel. Maybe this is an option?