Minor improvement to rain sensing wipers

I would love it if my rain sensing wipers (on my 2012 Focus) had a minimum delay on the lowest setting. It's the one thing that makes me miss intermittent wipers. Even on the lowest setting, it doesn't take much rain before the wipers act just like they are on low. The only option to have them act like intermittent wipers again at that point is to turn them off and manually engage them. Making a minimum delay of a second or two on the lowest setting would be a very nice touch.

Without this, once the rain reaches a light to moderate level, it's like I've got 7 settings that are all the same as low, plus the regular low, plus high. Particularly in spring time around here, with sap and pollen falling from the trees, constant wiping basically results in less visibility (streaking) than having a delay between strokes.