Midsize Truck

By Tony K.

I have been reading continual articles about the lack of a mid-size truck in the domestic line-up. The discussion constantly leans toward mpg. I did not choose my truck based on mpg (I currently avg. 16mpg).
The reason I purchased a midsize was the size. Ingress/egress is easier, doors are smaller, bed height is manageable, parking is easier, washing is easier, tires are cheaper, mass is less etc.
I think that Ford is not considering ease of ownership when the topic of discussion is the Ranger. it is not about mpg only.
My current truck is a dodge Dakota Quad Cab 2wd. Perfect size for my lifestyle.
I picked the truck because it fit me. yes it has a small bed but my need for 8' of storage is sporadic.
Josh 05/18/2014
I was hoping that the international version of the ford ranger would come to the states, but I guess that it's not going to happen. The international ranger is awesome though. It even has an desiel option and can tow 4 tons! I think its an profet margin thing, with the new ranger competeing with the F150. I guess i'll have to settle for the chevy :(
Tom 05/16/2014
I read that Ford decided to drop out of small trucks because they were only 2% of the market. Well they Need to get back into it with a midsize truck like the Frontier and 2015 Gmc Canyon their existing F150 in all its redesign is Too Big! Do you hear us Ford??
Milton Zinn 07/12/2013
I personally think sometching similar to the explorer sport trac would be good. I think it would behoove ford to build a truck that essentially starts off a little bigger than the previous ranger but still offers a crew cab. They already have the 4 cyl eco boost engine used in the escape and other stalls cars. This would be a powerful base engine with the option of upgrading to the 3.7 V6 if you really need it. considering it can push an F-150 to around 21-22 on the highway, it would likely see better mileage, have the space we need, and be much easier to park because it would be about 2-3 feet shorter than the full-size.
Bruce Donohoe 04/22/2013
I was really surprised o find that Ford no longer makes the Ranger. I look on he road and see so many that I cannot understand why it was taken out of the line up leaving only 2 suppliers for the midsize trucks. Toyota and Nissan. What were you thinking giving them all the business
Richard P 04/17/2013
So GM is about to revamp their smaller pickups which are not very good now. Hope they get better and give us a choice other than a Toy.
Ed K 04/16/2013
I agree! Yes Ford needs a mid size pick-up. The Ranger WAS the near perfect size. The only thing I would want is to run on NG! Why is Honda the only car co. that builds a NG car? Come on Ford!! Make me happy!