Midsize Ford pickup truck

Greetings Ford Motor Company:

The current F-150 pickup truck is a nice truck but it is more truck than I need. Will Ford Motor Company produce a pickup truck that is under the size of the current F-150 in the near future or is the F-150 the smallest size pickup truck you can purchase from Ford Motor Company?
I really like Ford pickup trucks and I have owned a F-150 since the year 2000. I am ready to upgrade to a new Ford pickup truck but I have been waiting on Ford  Motor Company to produce a midsized pickup truck after the Ford Ranger was discontinued here in the U.S. The Ford Ranger offered here in the U.S. before being discontinued was too compact and needed to be wider. A pickup truck around the approximate size of the discontinued Ford Explorer "Sport Trac" would be an ideal size pickup truck for me. Just make the cargo bed slightly longer. I would appreciate it if Ford Motor Company could produce a midsized pickup truck to take the place of the discontinued Ford Ranger by no later than the 2015 model year. I hope my 2000 year F-150 don't rust away by then.
D. Porter
Kristin 06/16/2014
Don't make it look dumb, keep the classic look. The pictures I'm seeing of the new ranger look dumb.
Lon 02/10/2014
Too bad Ford can't or won't produce a midsize.  I have a sportrac and really like it.  I most likely will not upsize to the F150 tho'.  Would really like  the "avalanch" configuration in a midsize 4X4
Terry 12/17/2013
Would love a diesel Ranger. I don't need a full size truck no matter what mileage it gets. They are too big. I love my 2000 Ranger. It owes me nothing. Would love to have another Ranger that gets better mileage and quieter cab. I will walk before I buy a Toyota or Nissian. GM is re-introducing the Colorado in fall of 2014. Possibly a diesel version in 2015/16.
Mark Fritts 11/20/2013
I have a 2004 Ranger Tremor, 3.0 L 6, it's the perfect truck, The ride is still firm and quiet, performs as good as ever, excellent quality. I will never buy an F150, not practical for my needs. I'll fgo to a Toyota when the time comes instead.
Brian D 11/19/2013
I drive 40k miles per year , although the f150 ecoboost is great , a compact pick up in the 30 mpg would be a great truck. Small diesel maybe ?
Matt 11/18/2013
I would like a newer Ford Ranger.  I have seen rumors of a 2015 Ford Ranger for the USA, online.  I would like a used or new Ranger with Four Wheel Drive.  My preference is a truck between the Ranger and F150, in size.  I do not like the look of the Sport Track.  My dream fuel ecconmy is 100 Miles Per Gallon, this would have to be done over 30 years.