Memory seats

I am 80 years old and have owned Ford vehicles since I was given first one when I was 19. I buy at least one new vehicle a year. I love my C Max! As I'm 6' 2" and my wife is 5' 4" the most helpful addition to my C Max would be like the one I have on my Explorer. The memory settings on the seat for myself and my wife, they are quite different! Further It would be nice if visor, particularly on the drivers side could slide out and tilt down. I am waiting for the all electric CMax to hit the show rooms. I will order one immediately.Thx Doc
Roger S 09/01/2013
My wife and I each have vastly different driving posistions. The memory seat feature as in my F150 would be great to have. Mount the buttons on the door or the side of the seat and our life would be easier.