Manual Transmission

Ford, please offer a 5sp MT or a 6sp MT in the higher trim models across the Focus line. I know that Canada, Europe and other markets are selling the SEL with the option of a manual transmission...commercial production. I know of a customer personally whom I work with purchase an SE model because FORD does not offer a manual transmission for the SEL for the US market. Market trends don't always show what the customer wants. Who "decides" for the customer that an automatic transmission is the only transmission that he or she wants? I prefer to buy a trim level that comes with every option I want instead of buying a lower trim and adding the options to it simply because you do not offer a manual transmission. Please offer this feature on the next update. I am waiting for your decision so that I can make solid choice in picking the right Focus for me.
Christopher Larson 09/06/2011
Nothing compares to a car with a clutch pedal.
Donald Bolling 08/18/2011
If by DSG you mean the dual clutch automated manual ( Power Shift ), it
it IS a manual (no torque converter) that has the potential to combine the best of both worlds. It can shift gears in a microsecond, much faster than a human but it has been programmed for fuel efficiency. The upshifts come too soon and the downshifts too slow. I'm sure Ford can come up with a better compromise between performance and economy. Meanwhile, try the "S" mode ( sport or select?) when you want better performance.
Charles McMullen Jr 08/17/2011
Very perplexing I must say as well. Who decides that Americans do not want a manual transmission on a higher trim model (SEL). Just because the numbers are small doesn't mean that there is no demand. It just indicates that Ford needs to produce fewer quantities. I'm not sure what Europe's or Canada 's demand is but Americans still want the same. I am an American fighting for this country that I so love. When I go home at the end of the day, I would like to be driving the Focus that wanted to get not one that I had to SETTLE on.
sabra saber 08/11/2011
Real Drivers love the stick. I want to buy the Titanium package but hat that I have to make a choice between performance and luxury. You can get the SEL with a Manual in Canada... but not in The US? Perplexing. It seems ALL manufacturers are clueless as to what would sell in the US market.
Charles McMullen Jr 08/02/2011
I have been debating with my wife on this idea. It simply cannot be too difficult to take a Focus with MT off the assembly line and add the SE equipment to it. Ford has to build the car the way that WE want it anyway; why not add the MT. I'm waiting patiently for the ST just so that I can have a MT with all the options of the Titanium. But I will also tell you this. My patience is wearing thin.
Brad Krekelberg 07/30/2011
Many of the cool options available on the SEL and Titanium CANNOT be had on the SE. There is no way to do it. Believe me, I've tried. I am a long-time stick guy (see me avatar) and ended up settling for the DSG so I could have the other options I wanted. I am so far quite dis-satisfied with the way the DSG operates. I really miss my manual.