Making Captain Chair seats in Ford pickup trucks dog proof

This idea is a re-submittal. Never received approval from the first time I submitted the following idea. May this idea get approved the second time around.

In reference to the cloth Captain Chair seats that come in the Ford F-150 pickup truck, can Ford Motor Company use a more durable cloth material that has a stretchy quality to it? Also, can the stitching of the cloth material be done better whereby the stitching doesn't loosen or pop loose.

Some Ford pickup truck owners have dogs as pets that ride in the cab of the truck. These pets will either jump from the back seat onto a Captain Chair seat or if it is a big dog (80 lbs. plus), use it's hind legs to push off the back seat, squeeze between the Captain Chair seats via the center console, and occupy itself in a Captain Chair. In either case, the dog digs its nails into the cloth material of the Captain Chair seat thus placing stress on the cloth material and stitching. The weight of the dog impacting the Captain Chair seat also places stress on the cloth material and stitching. Remember, a dog has (4) paws in the seat area of the Captain Chair pressing down to stabilize itself while the pickup truck is moving and especially when the truck is braking.
Frayed cloth material and the yellow foam cushioning showing, really makes the Captain Chair seats look bad. Placing a fixed clip ring on the head rest portion of the Captain Chair seat would be a good idea. A harness made for dogs can be clipped to the fixed ring on the head rest to maintain the dog in the Captain Chair seat and to prevent a dog from being thrown about in case of an accident. Dogs love to ride in pickup trucks and need to be buckled down like any other member in your family riding in a vehicle.