By Jill C.

1. I LOVE my sage (oyster color) 2006 Lincoln Zephyr. The style AND COLOR and price allowed me to purchase my first luxury car.
2. I LOVE my local service company and would consider them above ALL service centers.
3. I am wanting a new car in the next year, and I'm at an age where I WANT a luxury car BUT want a convertible. Ford is limited to convertibles only in the mustang line. EVERY OTHER luxury car manufacturer offers a luxury convertible option. The MKZ could easily provide the luxury and sporty option with a convertible and appeal to various generations. I've mentioned this to a few individuals who likewise agreed. A camel color rag top option would match all of the current color lines (and of course use that color for the interior).
And, PLEASE bring back the sage color (looks more like oyster).... I STILL have people come up to my car to see what car I have because it's so pretty...
Megan G 04/21/2013
I agree, I currently drive a Ford Flex and would definitely like the option of a luxury convertible when it comes time for me to buy my next Ford. I don't care if it's in the Ford or Lincoln lineup, but something that will appeal to the mid-40's buyer would be nice.
Only if it was a retro '62 Continental....