Long Range Service

More people would buy electric cars if they had better range. What if in purchasing a short range full electric vehicle, you were also purchasing the ability to freely rent a car if ever you needed to go beyond the reach of your electric's charge. Say your family wants to go to grandma's house, a 3 hour drive away, for the weekend which is beyond your electric vehicle's charge; your dealership will deliver a loaner to your home for the trip at no or nominal charge. Pay your own gas and maybe a high mileage fee or long duration fee.
I was just going to suggest this - my typical commute is well within range of an all electric car - but, $40000 (OK, $32000 after tax credit) is a lot to spend on a car that has such a range limitation. If I knew that my purchase or lease of an electric vehicle came with 1 or 2 days of free rental each month (maybe with rollover to a max of 1 week?), I'd feel confident that if I wanted or needed to take a trip beyond the normal range, I could drive my electric Ford to my Ford dealer (or Ford partnered rental agency) where it would charge up while I was away (maybe even get serviced!), and I could rent an IC engine car for just that trip.

Still might find it hard to give up my Fiesta, though!
David Andrew 05/07/2011
This seems like a great idea. Its a variation on the community car idea already in practice in cities like Chicago, LA, and San Francisco.

All electric vehicles are cheaper to operate than gas or hybrid vehicles. and its also true that most driving is in short commuter range, but sometimes folks do need to drive further. Having access to a longer range car when you need it would inable more folks to go with the cheaper all electric vehicles without the sacrifice of the loss of range.