'Long-distance' conversational comfort

I would like to propose that Ford consider looking into implementing some kind of sound system that allows those people in the back seat(s) to hear the conversation(s) of those in the front seats and vice versa.  This is both a convenience and a safety issue especially with the aging 'baby boomers'.  Often times the driver has to crank their neck (thus compromising safety) to hear a question or conversation from the back and those in the back and far back, especially may as well settle in for a nice nap for as much of the conversation as they are able to hear from the front seat.  It seems to difficult to believe that with all the audio equipment, computerization, etc. that this area has been neglected for so long.  I would appreciate hearing a response back from you in the near future as to whether or not this feature is being considered, and, if so, how far out will it be before it is implemented.

Thank you for giving this some deep thought.

R. Lanners