Little more cab space

I love all the design of Tremor except for cab space behind the seat. I take a long road trip to go camping and jobsite. I love the bucket seats but wish the cab behind the seat is a little bit deeper where you can incline your bucket seat far back to take a nap, especially a long road trip. I also have small Jack Russel dog under 15 lbs that goes with me on the road trip. I wish there is enough floor space behind the seat where you can place bags/tools and dog can sleep on the floor in the back cab without the jump seats. It would be nice if the rear cab floor comes with box lids to store things inside. I am very organized and clean freak. I look for the best convienent compartments and storages in the back cab. Mabye some side pocket storage and back wall storage with mesh and hook or shelf to place anything pratical. A blueprint roll paper. Fishing rods or rifle. If Tremor is a sport truck, I think of a work truck and outdoor activities. I would use both. I am not a big fan of jumb seat in the back or a crew cab, but it's more of a work truck and outdoor activity for me. Just enough for me, my wife, and Jack Russel without spending $35K+ for a truck with extended cab and crew cab. On a long road trip, my Jack Russel sleep on top of the middle compartment lid and see what's going on looking out in front. 

My Tremor, me, and Jack Russel.